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An Introduction to Calligraphy: Brush Copperplate Script
with Paul Antonio

Learn calligraphy foundations from one of the world's masters and start writing beautiful text today

What you will learn

how to write beautiful copperplate script
foundational stroke work and techniques
writing text, flourishes and colour

Start learning today for £34.99

What's included

An Introduction to Calligraphy: Brush Copperplate Script
5+ hours of step by step video lessons from Paul
An Introduction to Calligraphy: Brush Copperplate Script
Downloadable toolkit including templates, top tips and more
An Introduction to Calligraphy: Brush Copperplate Script
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Watch Introduction

What you need

An Introduction to Calligraphy: Brush Copperplate Script

Meet your mentor

Paul Antonio is one of the world’s leading calligraphers. Trained as a Scribe and Heraldic Artist, he went on to study Archaeological Illustration with a specialism in Ancient Writing Systems. A renowned calligrapher, he is one of four Crown Office Scribes who hand writes UK laws onto vellum for signature by Her Majesty The Queen.

His illustrative works on Egyptian Hieroglyphs are housed in the Metropolitan Museum, NYC and his commercial clients include Chanel, Burberry, BAFTA and Dazed.

“Unmatched artistry”

Vogue Magazine

About this course

Calligraphy is one of the oldest arts which has captured imaginations for centuries. From ancient scrolls and early religious texts through to contemporary graphic design, branding and wedding invites, it’s something we see around us almost everyday.

As a practice, it can be meditative and mindful. Putting pen to paper is something many of us take for granted but in this beginners course you will learn about the tools, techniques and history of this art as you start your journey into calligraphy.

Whether you want to write your own wedding invites, have a passion for the written word, you’re looking for a new hobby or are interested in the art of calligraphy, this course will take you step by step through the basics and beyond. You couldn’t be in safer hands than Paul Antonio, one of the world’s leading calligraphers.

Course Chapters

Chapter 1: Posture
Chapter 2a: Placement
Chapter 2b: Placement for Left Handers
Chapter 3: Paper preparation, tips & tricks
Chapter 4: Lighting
Chapter 5: Copperplate Script Demonstration
Chapter 6: Upright Copperplate Script Demonstration
Chapter 7: The Difference Between Brush & Nib Copperplate
Chapter 8: Basic Brush Copperplate Demonstration
Chapter 9: Basic Strokes: Understanding Copperplate Strokes and Shades
Chapter 10: Basic Strokes: Brush Exercises
Chapter 11: Basic Strokes: Writing at Angles
Chapter 12: Basic Strokes: Structural Strokes
Chapter 13: Basic Strokes: The Kink is in the Ink
Chapter 14: Basic Strokes: Basic Strokes for Minuscules
Chapter 15: Writing the Minuscule Alphabet
Chapter 16: Minuscule Variations
Chapter 17: Minuscule Alphabet Demonstration
Chapter 18: Writing the Majuscule Alphabet
Chapter 19: Writing the Majuscule Alphabet Part 2
Chapter 20: Scaling Down Exercise
Chapter 21: Numbers & Punctuation
Chapter 22: Ligatures
Chapter 23: Variations
Chapter 24: Writing at Different Angles
Chapter 25: Writing Versus Lettering
Chapter 26: Writing Text
Chapter 27: Using Colour
Chapter 28: Metallics
Chapter 29: Real Brush Demo

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