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Cooking by Fire
with Ruaridh Emslie

A beginners guide to cooking by fire

What you will learn

How to prepare a fire for cooking safely
How to make flatbreads directly on the coals
How to make breakfast and a three course feast

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What's included

Cooking by Fire
1.5+ hours of step-by-step video lessons from Ruaridh
Cooking by Fire
Downloadable toolkit including recipes
Cooking by Fire
Lifelong course access

Watch Introduction

Cooking by Fire

Meet your mentor

Ruaridh has been a baker, a game dealer, street-food pusher and a pop-up restauranteur. He has worked in Michelin kitchens and learned his trade from chefs all over the world.

However, he’s never felt more content than when he’s cooking with friends in the great outdoors – on a beach, on top of a hill or even the flat roof you discovered through your skylight. As a wild chef he is inspired by fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

About this course

Fed up of a few burnt burgers & crispy sausages on the BBQ? How about learning how to cook on open fire! Whether you want to take your camping trip cooking to new levels or want to create an unforgettable dining experience in your garden, this course shares a spectacular way of cooking over coals.

We’ll talk you through how to prepare a fire for cooking, the essential equipment and the important considerations when lighting fires in the wild. But best of all we’ll take you step by step through a range of incredible fire-cooked dishes including flatbreads, shakshuka, grilled fish, fire roast vegetables and burnt plums.

Course Chapters

  • Introduction
  • Collecting Firewood
  • Essential Kit
  • Building Your Fire
  • Flatbreads on Hot Coals
  • Campfire Breakfast
  • The Big Feast
  • Final Thoughts

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