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How to Start Your Own Business
with Bon Tot

Take your first steps into starting your own business today and realise your dream

What you will learn

What it really costs to start a business and how to finance it
How to build a business from the ground up
How to grow a loyal customer base & expand your business

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What's included

How to Start Your Own Business
2 hours + of video lessons from Kristina
How to Start Your Own Business
Toolkit including worksheets & top tips
How to Start Your Own Business
Lifelong access. Come back anytime

Watch Introduction

How to Start Your Own Business

Meet your mentor

Kristina Currie is the founder of Bon Tot, an award-winning modern kids store for modern families in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has built one of the UK’s most dynamic and progressive independent family brands celebrated by its customers, the press and her contemporaries.

‘My trajectory to becoming a business owner was neither straight or predictable. From selling bracelets on the playground at 6 years old to stocking shelves at 12, washing dishes at 16 and then the dozen different jobs I had after that, I’ve been gathering data about myself through each experience. And now I apply that to my business everyday. I really want to share the message that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve done so far: there is no one way to become an entrepreneur. There are no rules.’

Kristina has established herself as one of Edinburgh’s most dynamic and well connected entrepreneurs and is a champion of the value of small, local business to the economy as well as the community.

“Too cool for pre-school”

Stylist Magazine

“Top 50 boutiques in Britain”

Sunday Telegraph

About this course

You want to start your own business but you don’t know where to start? In this course you will learn from someone who has been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. Kristina will talk you through the process to help you understand exactly what it takes and how you go about it.

But this course isn’t just here to hype you up, Kris will share what she’s learned and where she’s failed so you can gain the practical tools needed to help you start your own business. The course will cover finance, authenticity, defining your product/service, identify and speaking to your customer, how to become a better public speaker, establishing what your business values are, as well as writing your mission statement and tagline.

Through your course toolkit and workbooks, you’ll be building your very own practical business document that will form the foundation for your new business and prepare you for the real world.

Kris also meets two leading business owners who share their stories on financing a start-up and how authenticity creates a connection with your customer that can’t be matched. Take that first step towards your future at The Village School today!

Course Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Authenticity
  • Chapter 2: Money
  • Chapter 3: Define Your Product or Service
  • Chapter 4: Find Your People – Research, Communicate, Connect
  • Chapter 5: How Hard is Your Hustle – Knowing What It’s All For

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