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Make Your Own Wall Hanging
with Sophie Charles

Learn basic weaving techniques and create your own beautiful wall hanging

What you will learn

How to set up a loom
Fundamental weaving techniques and styles
How to make your own wall hanging

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What's included

Make Your Own Wall Hanging
2 hours + of step-by-step video lessons from Sophie
Make Your Own Wall Hanging
Downloadable toolkit including equipment list, top tips and more
Make Your Own Wall Hanging
Lifelong access. Come back anytime

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What you need

Make Your Own Wall Hanging

Meet Your Mentor

Sophie studied Textile Design at the world renowned, Glasgow School of Art, the breeding ground for some of Scotland’s most eminent creative minds.

On graduation she moved to London where her design work was in demand, working for leading brands including Topman, ASOS and Next.

Drawing inspiration from modern architecture, colour interactions, mark making and modern art, Sophie’s work is contemporary yet playful. In 2019 Sophie launched her first range of interior and gift products.

About this course

There is something deeply relaxing and meditative about weaving. This course will surprise you with how simple, affordable and achievable even complex looking designs are to achieve from the comfort of your home. Our beautifully paced course will have you weaving in no time, creating stunning wall hangings as you go.

And what could be more rewarding than someone asking where you bought your wall hanging and you reply with, ‘I made it myself’.

Starting with the basics you’ll learn how to set up a loom and the basic weave technique. From here you’ll be amazed at the variations at your fingertips including colour blocks, shapes, fringing, textures and preparing for hanging. Throughout the course you’ll learn weaving fundamentals that will allow your creativity to flow whilst discovering a new hobby for life.

Course Chapters

Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Loom
Chapter 2: Getting Started – The Basics
Chapter 3: The Beauty of Plain/Tabby Weave
Chapter 4: Experimenting with Stitches & Texture
Chapter 5: Building Blocks & Shapes
Chapter 6: Finishing Off & Preparing Your Weave For Hanging

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