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Photography Fundamentals
with Nigel John

Advanced beginners guide to photography

What you will learn

Key camera settings
Framing and composition
How to edit using key editing tools

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What's included

Photography Fundamentals
1.5+ hours of step-by-step video lessons from Nigel
Photography Fundamentals
Downloadable toolkit
Photography Fundamentals
Lifelong course access

Watch Introduction

Photography Fundamentals

Meet your mentors

Nigel John is one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers. With a background in fashion photography, his style brings a unique approach to capturing events. Known for his flair for shooting with natural and ambient light, he finds shots where others may not. His personable nature and stealthy working style allow him to capture the most intimate and personal moments shared between friends and family.

Elle’s top ten wedding photographers

Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars

About this course

Photographs capture moments in time, special places and loved ones. They become cherished possessions that are framed and given pride of place on our walls.

This online course, by the award-winning Nigel John, will show you how to create spectacular images. We’ll take you through the essential equipment required and show you how to use it, lighting, shot composition, editing and fundamental photography skills that will take your practise to the next level.

With professional equipment and software more accessible than ever we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the tools at your fingertips and developing a portfolio to be proud of.

This is course is aimed at advanced beginners. Participants must have a basic understanding DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Course Chapters

  • My Approach
  • My kitbag
  • Settings
  • Shooting in Low Light and Using Flash
  • Editing Tools
  • Top five editing tips
  • Techniques to Try at Home

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