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Soap Making for Beginners
with Dook

A beginners guide to cold process soap

What you will learn

How to make cold process soap
How to select fragrances, colour and additives
How to pour, mould and cut soap

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What's included

Soap Making for Beginners
1+ hours of step-by-step video lessons from Dook
Soap Making for Beginners
Downloadable toolkit including ingredients and method
Soap Making for Beginners
Lifelong course access

Watch Introduction

Soap Making for Beginners

Meet your mentor

Dook is a small, artisanal soap maker in Edinburgh, Scotland. They make salt soap in small batches from a workshop by the coast using organic ingredients, essential oils and natural colours.  Each batch is mixed and poured by hand resulting in distinctive, high-quality hand and body soap.

Sustainability and plastic reduction is central to their manufacturing and retail approach. The main oils used in the soap are organic and from sustainable sources. Plastic is kept to a minimum during manufacture and all our packaging and shipping materials are made exclusively of recycled and recyclable materials.

Featured in Elle D©cor, The Hidden Scotland and The Herald

About this course

Pouring soap is deeply hypnotic and satisfying, whilst the selecting of fragrance, colour and natural additives make it a truly artistic and personal process. Whether you’re keen to make beautiful soap for your home, create handmade gifts for friends and family or fancy building your own soap empire this course has got you covered!

We’ll talk you through the principles and methods of soap making as well as exploring the benefits of different ingredients for the skin and skincare so you have the confidence and knowledge to make your own soap safely from your own home. Sustainability is a cornerstone of Dook’s process and we’ll recommend how you can source ethical and sustainable ingredients.

Chapter Chapters

  • Health and Safety
  • Planning and Making: Part 1
  • Oils & Butters
  • Fragrances, Colours and Additives
  • Planning and Making: Part 2
  • Planning and Making: Part 3
  • Bonus Chapter: The History of Soap

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